the Wild Wattle story

Sisters Lisa Grant and Anita Miles capture the beauty of the Australian landscape and cast it in porcelain, timber, and recycled sterling silver, and a new biodegradable material. Based in the Blue Mountains (where they’re never short of inspiration), Wild Wattle jewellery showcases organic shapes inspired by native flora.

Lisa and Anita share your desire to see the world around us restored. So when you find your favourite Wild Wattle piece and make the purchase, 10% of that money goes to Hope for Health, which they will use to create a Health Retreat in Arnhem Land.

Hope for Health is a community-led project with a vision to combine the best of Yolngu traditional knowledge, modern nutrition and alternative healthcare practices, to create a powerful place of healing and health wisdom.
They have a great website, so if you'd like to learn more, visit

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